1st Care

1st Care

1st Care services are provided via in-home visits by 1st Care staff.

The 1st Care program is designed to ensure that families with high risk infants:

  • Receive appropriate health and/or medical screenings, nursing assessments, interventions, follow-ups and referrals
  • Are linked to a medical home
  • Have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide and access the services required for the infant’s health
  • Receive appropriate, timely, family centered, and culturally sensitive services

Who is eligible?

The target populations are infants who are discharged from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and may be at increased risk for morbidity and mortality. Eligible conditions may include: conditions identified in the newborn period, congenital or acquired infections, genetic conditions, birth defects, serious problems or abnormalities of body systems and other significant conditions.

Referrals for First Care can be made through our Children 1st Coordinator or through Parent-to-Parent of Georgia, toll-free at 800-229-2038.

Contact your local county health department for additional information.