Health Check

What is Health Check?

Health Check is a preventive health care program for Medicaid members under age 21 and PeachCare® for Kids members under 19. The goal of the Health Check Program is to assure that individual children get the health care they need when they need it. Private insurance may also cover the cost of this preventative service. Health Check services are available through many primary care providers as well as public health. Contact your local health department or your child’s healthcare provider to make an appointment.

The Health Check program offers free well-child services such as vision screening, immunizations and dental care.

In the health department, public health nurses thoroughly examine the child or teen. They also will ask questions about your child’s health and development, and provide recommended immunizations. Health Check providers can also assist in linking children to other services, like professional eye exams and counseling.

Why Participate in Health Check?

Good health is important for children. It helps them get the most out of life.

Children need good eyesight to read and to see what’s happening around them. They need strong healthy bodies to walk, run and play. They need good hearing to enjoy music, talk with their friends and do well in school. They need dental care early so they can eat and digest food well.

Children and teens should see a health care provider regularly to keep them healthy. Doctors and nurses can find and treat health problems before they become more serious. It’s also important that children get the shots they need to protect them from illnesses like measles, chicken pox and the flu.