Regional Healthcare Coalitions

Collaborative planning saves lives!

When a disaster strikes a community or a region, the entire healthcare system will be impacted and will have to respond. Healthcare coalitions are groups of healthcare and response organizations that collaborate to prepare for and respond to medical surge events. These coalitions incentivize diverse and often competitive healthcare organizations to work together. All healthcare organizations will need to collaborate to effectively respond to the disaster. Healthcare coalitions planning together will create a more prepared and resilient healthcare system.

The purpose of healthcare coalitions includes:

  • To develop, refine, and sustain a healthcare coalition consisting of a collaborative network of healthcare organizations and their respective public and private sector response partners;
  • Coordinate with emergency management to develop local and state emergency operations plans that address the concerns and unique needs of healthcare organizations;
  • Identify and prioritize assets and essential services within each coalition’s delivery area;
  • Coordinate planning to protect and enhance priority healthcare assets and essential services in order to ensure continued healthcare delivery to the region during a disaster;
  • Perform resource assessments and develop plans to assist healthcare organizations in addressing gaps associated with planning, training, staffing, and equipping that improve resource availability during response and recovery;
  • Coordinate training for healthcare responders and supporting agencies in order to provide the required knowledge, skill and abilities needed to prepare and respond to a disaster;
  • Coordinate, exercise, evaluate and provide a corrective action program to continuously improve healthcare preparedness, response, and recovery;
  • Participate with planning to address at-risk individuals and those with special medical needs whose care can only occur at healthcare facilities; and
  • Receive and administer HCP grants and monies for purposes pertaining to healthcare emergency disaster preparedness and fulfilling stated performance expectations.

Region J

The Region J Healthcare Coalition serves 13 counties in Southeast Georgia, 5 of which are a part of the Southeast Health District. Community partners in Bulloch, Candler, Evans, Tattnall, and Toombs counties work with our neighbors in the Coastal Health District to provide regional integrated healthcare emergency preparedness activities and response coordination. For more information about the Region J Healthcare Coalition, visit

For additional information about the Region J Healthcare Coalition, please contact

Jimmy Gordon
Healthcare Coalition Coordinator

Susan Malone
Healthcare Coalition Facilitator

Region M

The Region M Healthcare Coalition is a network of organizations and community partners that are committed to strengthening the healthcare system in emergent situations. These organizations and their respective public and private sector response partners serve as a multiagency coordinating group to assist with preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation related to public health emergencies. The geographical areas included in the Coalition are Appling, Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Jeff Davis, Pierce, Ware, and Wayne counties within the state of Georgia.

The Region M Healthcare Coalition will support the local healthcare community and other response agencies to jointly plan for and respond to man-made or natural emergencies, by promoting intra-regional cooperation and sharing of resources.

Region M in Action

When disaster strikes, response time is everything! Upon receiving resource requests in late August 2023 when Hurricane Idalia hit Southeast Georgia, the Region M network was able to provide valuable and necessary resources to local county hospitals during their emergency response.

How to Join

You are needed in our regional planning efforts! All healthcare organizations and partners within Region M are invited to join the coalition. Members regularly attend meetings, trainings, participate in planning, and agree to work with and support other members during disaster response and recovery. Members attend quarterly meetings, participate in planning, and agree to work with and support other members during disaster response and recovery. We invite you or a designee to be a part of the Region M Healthcare Coalition.

For additional information about the Region M Healthcare Coalition, please contact

Greg Burd
Emergency Management Associate
Memorial Satilla Health
Office: (912)338-6557
Cell: (912)722-7173

Kristie Holder
Healthcare Liaison
Southeast Health District (District 9-2)
Office: (912)338-5930
Cell: (912)288-9836

For more information on Georgia Healthcare Coalitions, visit