Interested in Receiving Your COVID-19 Vaccine?

At this time, the Southeast Health District is pausing the scheduling of COVID-19 vaccine appointments across our district.

An appointment is required to receive your vaccine at one of our mass vaccination sites.


Are you interested in receiving your COVID-19 vaccine?

Are you part of one of the groups listed below?

  • Healthcare workers in clinical settings (e.g., nurses, physicians, EMS, laboratory technicians, environmental services)
  • Staff and residents of long-term care facilities
  • All law enforcement and fire personnel (including volunteer departments)
  • Adults aged 65 and older (and their caregivers as applicable)

If so, beginning January 11, you will be eligible to receive your COVID-19 vaccine.

Please complete one of the following and bring it with you to your appointment:

COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Packet – English
COVID-19 Moderna Vaccine Packet – English
COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine Packet – English
COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Packet – Spanish
COVID-19 Moderna Vaccine Packet – Spanish
COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine Packet – Spanish
COVID-19 V-Safe – Spanish