The mission of the Southeast Health District Tuberculosis (TB) Program is to control the transmission and prevention of Tuberculosis Disease within the sixteen (16) county area of this public health district. Our objectives include:

  • Identifying and ensuring all persons with active TB disease complete treatment utilizing directly observed therapy.
  • Identifying, locating, evaluating, and treating all persons exposed to cases of active disease.
  • Ensuring completion of treatment by directly observed therapy among certain populations at risk for developing TB disease.

Reportable Information
Physicians, hospitals, laboratories, and other health care providers are required by law to report the following:

  • confirmed or suspected case of TB
  • person receiving treatment with two (2) or more anti-tuberculosis drugs
  • positive acid fast (AFB) smear (AFB)
  • positive culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) or
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex (M. tuberculosis complex)
  • child less than 5 years of age with Latent TB Infection (LTBI)

Call your local county health department and ask for the TB Nurse or Nurse manager to make the report. Prompt action by public health is essential in the prevention and control of TB. Specific patient information and copies of medical records are required and should be forwarded immediately.

  • If your local county health department cannot be reached, call the Southeast Health District, Office of Infectious Disease at 912-285-6022.
  • Report electronically through the State Electronic Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (SENDSS) https://sendss.state.ga.us
  • Complete a Notifiable Disease Report Form (#3095) and mail to:
    Southeast Health District
    Office of Infectious Disease
    1115A Church Street
    Waycross, GA 31501

State Responsibilities
Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Public Health, Prevention Branch TB Section
Program Manager, Medical Consultant, Epidemiologist

  • Review all TB cases and suspects in the state to ensure appropriate treatment and medical management are being provided.
  • Available for consultation for physicians providing medical management for public health districts and other health care providers as requested.

District Responsibilities: (Southeast Health District)

District Health Director

  • Responsible for ensuring county health departments within the district implement the guidelines, policies, and procedures as directed by the Georgia Division of Public Health- Tuberculosis Program.

District TB Program/Consulting Physician

  • Ultimately responsible legally for the clinical management and supervision of all patients within district. Provides recommendations for the treatment and clinical management of all cases and suspects of TB disease and their contacts and others evaluated in the county health department TB program.
  • Ensures appropriateness of prescribed anti-tuberculosis treatment and adherence to standards of clinical care of patients being managed by other physicians and health care providers within the district.
  • Provides intervention activities when necessary to ensure patients considered infectious are not permitted to resume their usual activities or return to other settings that would place others in a community at risk.
  • Provides medical consultation to other health care providers as needs are identified or as requested.
District TB Program Coordinator
  • Provides consultation and assistance to county health departments, health care providers, or others upon request or identification of needed intervention.
  • Collaborates with health departments, other agencies, or facilities, to identify risk of contacts, develop, and implement a plan to evaluate contacts.
  • Monitors patient management activities at the local level to ensure appropriate services are provided, contacts are evaluated, and information is reported.
  • Facilitates the enforcement of legal action if determined necessary.
  • Provides education and training as requested
Communicable disease specialists
  • Assists county health departments with contact investigations
  • Provides follow-up of non-compliant patients
  • Collaborates with the TB program coordinator to plan enforcement of TB laws

County Health Department Responsibilities

TB Program Services of the county health departments are provided at no charge to patients with TB disease, Suspected TB disease, and their contacts, regardless of their ability to pay.

Each local county health department within the district has:

  • Ultimate responsibility for the medical management and supervision of all suspects, cases, their contacts, or others evaluated for TB who are residents of their county regardless of who provides the medical care.
  • A designated nurse responsible for the TB program.
  • Makes home, hospital, or other visits to locate patient reported.
  • Interviews patient, gathers essential information, performs clinical assessment, obtains labwork/chest x-rays and results as indicated and promptly submits to consulting physician to obtain medical recommendations for all suspected or confirmed cases of TB, their contacts, and anyone evaluated in the TB program.
  • Notifies and tracks persons with suspected or confirmed TB disease.
  • Implements measures to stop the transmission of TB within the communities. Places patient on home isolation until determined noninfectious by district physician. Reports non-compliant patients to district to consult regarding legal action if necessary.
  • Identifies, notifies, and evaluates persons exposed to suspected/ confirmed TB cases.
  • Determines needs and coordinates case management services.
  • Provides anti-tuberculosis medications and monitors for side effects.
  • Performs monthly clinical assessments and evaluations.
  • Provides education to patients, family members, and others in the community.
  • Coordinates and collaborates with other health care providers to ensure patient continuity of care and/or protection of the health of other individuals or groups in other environments.
  • Refers patients to other health care providers or agencies based on identified needs.
  • Provides case and contact investigation reports to district.

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