Pierce County Health DepartmentPierce County was created in 1857 from parts of Appling and Ware counties. Georgia's 119th county was named for Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States.

The Marion Anderson Library Black Heritage Collection in Blackshear, a city in the county, contains about 300 volumes and oil paintings addressing black heritage. This is the largest publicly accessible collection of this type in the region.

A Confederate prison camp in Pierce County held about 5,000 Union prisoners of war during the last months of the Civil War. Prisoners were transferred to Pierce County from Millen and possibly Andersonville, so that Sherman's troops would not be able to free them on their march south.

For health information on the county, visit http://health.state.ga.us/healthdata/index.asp.

Pierce County Health Dept.
Nurse Manager - Candi Lee, BSN
Environmental Health - Tony Sapp

715 Ware Street
Blackshear, GA 31516-1545
FAX: 449-0409
Hours of operation:
7:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Thursday
8am-5pm, Friday

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Southeast Health District
1101 Church Street
Waycross, GA 31501
P: 912-285-6002
F: 912-284-2980


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