Brantley County Health DepartmentBrantley was one of the last Georgia counties created (156th). The county was formed in 1920 from Charlton, Pierce, and Wayne counties and was named for Benjamin D. Brantley, a member of a prominent local family; although some historians claim the name honors State Senator William Goodman Brantley of Brunswick.

There are two municipalities in Brantley County, Nahunta, the county seat, and Hoboken. Nahunta sounds Indian, but in fact the name is a colloquialism derived from railroad maps and a sign, "N.A. Hunter Siding."

For health information on the county, visit

Brantley County Health Dept.
Nurse Manager - Cathy Jacobs, BSN
Environmental Health - Will McCarthy

173 Florida Ave.
PO Box 603
Nahunta, GA 31553-0603
FAX: 462-7655
Hours of operation:
8am-5pm, Monday-Friday
8am-6pm, 2nd Tuesday of each month

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Southeast Health District
1101 Church Street
Waycross, GA 31501
P: 912-285-6002
F: 912-284-2980


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