Are you considering employment with the Southeast Health District? The benefits listed below are a valuable part of your total compensation package!

Benefit Information for 2017 Plan Year

Medical Insurance

New hires and new entrants into the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) may choose from three options at initial enrollment:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) Plans

* Gold Plan

* Silver Plan

* Bronze Plan 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Plan

United Healthcare HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Plan

United Healthcare HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) Plan

Each plan has various levels of coverage tiers based on the dependents you choose to cover.   

The Southeast Health District (through state funding) contributes approximately 75% of the health insurance premium while the employee contributes approximately 25% of the premium through payroll deduction.

Flexible Benefits Package

Dental Insurance Employees can select from two dental plans:  Select and Select Plus Options with Delta Dental.
Vision Insurance

Vision coverage is available with two plan options, Select Plan or the Select Plus Plan.

Spending Accounts

Health Care Spending Account (HCSA): The HCSA helps employees save tax dollars on various health related treatments not covered by health, dental, or vision insurance such as co-pays, etc.

Dependent (Child) Care Spending Account (DCSA): The DCSA provides you with the opportunity to use tax-free dollars to pay for the care of your children under age 13 or other IRS eligible dependents which may include dependents of any age (including elderly dependents such as parents) who are unable to care for themselves because of a physical or mental handicap while you and your spouse work or go to school full time.

Life Insurance You may purchase life insurance protection for yourself, your spouse, or your children with various levels of coverage.                                                     
(As a reminder:  All employees hired before 1/1/09 participating in the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) covered by the Old or New Plan are automatically enrolled in the Group Term Life Insurance (GTLI) at 18 times their monthly salary.)
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance AD&D is inexpensive coverage for accidents which cause injury or death. Various coverage levels are offered.
Disability Insurance Short Term Disability (STD):
Works with other income benefits to replace 60% of your Benefit Salary up to $1,000 per week. Two choices are available: 7-day wait with maximum benefit coverage of 173 calendar days or 30-day wait with maximum benefit coverage of 150 calendar days.

Long Term Disability (LTD):
Works with other income benefits to replace 60% of your Benefit Salary up to $5,000 per month. These benefits will begin after you have been disabled for 180 calendar days and end when you are no longer disabled or reach age 65. (Some exceptions may apply.)

Employee Assistance Program EAP Flyer
Legal Legal coverage is available with two plan options - the Select Plan or the Select Plus Plan. Provides legal assistance for important every day legal services.
Specified Illness Helps you and your family cope with and recover from the financial stress of surviving a covered critical illness or condition. Plan also provides benefits for additional occurrences, re-occurrences, and health screening benefits. If employee coverage is selected, spouse coverage is available. Children are automatically covered at 50% of employee benefit amount at no additional cost. Select Plus Plan includes coverage for certain covered accidental injuries.
Long Term Care Refers to a wide range of personal care, health and social services for people of all ages who suffer a chronic disease or long-lasting disability.  These services can be provided in a nursing facility, adult day care center or at home, and can involve some nursing care. Plan is offered to you, your spouse, your parents or your parents-in-law.  (Your payroll deduction will be for your individual coverage only, others will be direct billed.)
Other Benefits
Employee Credit Union (ECU) Atlanta Postal Credit Union provides the Southeast Health District staff and their families with many benefits and membership privileges.
The Southeast Health District offers twelve (12) paid holidays per year.

Annual Leave:  Employees accrue paid Annual Leave (vacation) starting with 10 hours per month, increasing to 12 hours per month after 5 years and then 14 hours per month after 10 years. Leave begins accruing at 5 hours per pay period, for a total of 10 hours per month.

Sick Leave:  Employees accrue paid Sick Leave at a rate of 10 hours per month.  Leave accrues at 5 hours per pay period.

Personal Leave:  Employees with Sick Leave balances greater than 120 hours are eligible to convert up to 24 hours into Personal Leave each year.

All employees are required to participate in a retirement plan as a condition of employment unless certain criteria are met.   

Depending on your work status, the following plans are available through the Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia (ERS):  

Georgia State Employees’ Pension and Savings Plan (GSEPS): Employees hired on or after 01/01/09. 

GSEPS Pension:

  • A defined benefit where employees contribute 1.25%

  • Vested with 10 years of creditable service

  • Guaranteed annuity for vested members with a benefit factor of 1%

  • Eligible for Disability Retirement with 15 years of service

GSEPS 401(k) Savings Plan (Optional):

  • Employer Match dollar for dollar on the first 1% of contributions

  • For contributions 2% thru 5%, match is 50% on the dollar

  • Only first 5% of contributions will be subject to employer match

  • Total match will not exceed 3% of compensation

  • Employees may contribute more subject to plan maximums 

Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP):  Temporary, seasonal, and part-time employees participate in GDCP.  You contribute 7.5% of your pay.

Deferred Compensation (Peach State Reserves - PSR) The Southeast Health District offers a Deferred Compensation Plan which allows you to invest a specific amount of your salary on a pre-tax basis to assist in supplementing your retirement. Two plans are available: 401(k) and 457.

Employer Match available only for employees hired on or after 01/01/09 that fall under the Georgia State Employees’ Pension and Savings Plan (GSEPS) retirement plan.  

Workers' Compensation All Southeast Health District employees are covered by state Workers’ Compensation laws, which may provide medical and income benefits if you are injured on the job. Workers’ Compensation also provides benefits to your dependents if you die as the result of a job-related illness or injury.
Path2College 529 Plan You may make contributions to this plan for a beneficiary, which may include yourself, a family member or a friend, to use in the future for educational expenses.
Flexible Work Schedules The Southeast Health District offers flexible work schedules to eligible employees.
Liability Insurance All Southeast Health District employees are covered under an employee liability insurance plan. This plan covers most liabilities against an employee that results from the employee’s performance of official duties.
Employee Discounts All Southeast Health District employees are offered promotional and employee discounts to various attractions.

This information is only a summary of the benefits available to The Southeast Health District staff. The provisions and details of each plan described in this document are governed by the contracts negotiated between the State of Georgia and individual insurance companies. All benefits are subject to change at the discretion of the State of Georgia. If there is a difference between the information in this summary and the actual benefit contracts, the terms and conditions of the contracts prevail.

Last revised November 2015

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