The public is invited to comment on the Babies Can't Wait Early Intervention Program.

The Department of Public Health Babies Can't Wait program invites interested persons to attend a local Public Hearing and present public comments Thursday, March 9, from 4-6 p.m. at the Southeast Health District located at 1101 Church St. in Waycross. To allow an opportunity for all to be heard, comments will be limited to five minutes. The Babies Can't Wait (BCW) Program is Georgia’s statewide early intervention system for infants and toddlers with special needs, age birth to three, and their families. This program enhances the capacity of families to meet the special needs of their child in order to ensure that each young child with significant developmental delays achieves his or her maximum developmental potential.

Public Notice for Public Comments

Category 1 Eligible Conditions           Part C Application


Babies Can’t Wait offers family centered programming for families with infants and toddlers, ages 0-3, who have been diagnosed with medical conditions that significantly impact their development, or who are developmentally at risk due to birth or environmental circumstances.

The district covers the following counties:

Appling, Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Bulloch, Candler, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Evans, Jeff Davis, Pierce, Tattnall, Toombs, Ware and Wayne.

Babies Can’t Wait Early Intervention Programs have been established by Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Families are guaranteed that all eligible children, regardless of what their disabilities are, will have access to services that enhance their child’s development and that these services will be provided to them, if they meet eligibility criteria, at no cost and within their child’s natural environment. Natural Environments are places that your child lives, learns and plays.

Services provided include evaluations to determine if a child meets eligibility standards to provide information to use when writing the individualized service plan for families as well as planning and service coordination to help families obtain resources required to improve their child’s development. Services are provided by interventionists with expertise in early child hood development. Providers can include Early Childhood Educators, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Family Training and Counselors, and others.

The focuses of services are to:

  • Empower and educate parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills that they require to promote their child’s development in all areas necessary. Development during the early years of life is critical to a child reaching their highest maximal future skills and abilities.
  • Ensure that all families have access to a multi-disciplinary team of professional whose goal it to monitor and facilitate their child’s development.
  • Partner with families, caregivers an d day care providers to provide learning rich opportunities for infants and toddlers throughout their normal day. Activities strive to be “embedded” in naturally occurring routines and activities so that children can be exposed to them on an ongoing, daily basis.
  • Collaborate with other professionals and community partners to ensure a coordinated level of care for all children involved in our program.
  • Facilitate the transition of a child and family, prior to the age of three, to another intervention program.

Children can be referred to the program by anyone who has concerns about a child’s development by calling the toll free number in Waycross: 1-800-429-6307

Remember, Early Intervention is critical to developing infants and toddlers because Babies Can’t Wait!


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