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Flu season is fast approaching

Flu time is here! Please be aware that county health departments may get increased calls over the coming weeks of community members reporting flu. The first few weeks of February is our usual time that schools and companies call to report large flu absences. Hopefully, we will have a mild season as we did last year.

Throughout the State, flu reports remain low. Please be aware that individual flu cases are not reportable to public health. We often like to know when flu is in our area, just as an FYI, but not because of regulatory reporting. The state of Georgia utilizes Sentinel Physicians and other means to collect flu data. Pediatric influenza-associated deaths ARE reportable, however, and should be reported to our Office of Infectious Disease.

Also remember, we are continuing our H1N1 flu vaccination efforts both at the health departments and in our schools. We have vaccinated over 40,000 people so far.

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